"Passionate, charming, and kind, Eliza Gilbert is an actress that I would work with again and again. She is one of those rare artists who bring warmth, humanity, a clear understanding of craft, and humor to their work. She is generous with her talent, time, and spirit and I believe anyone should leap at the chance to work with her."

— Bryan Conger, Artistic Associate at Triad Stage

Eliza backstage as Madame Thenardier

Sassy Madame T

Eliza clowning around outside Twelfth Night rehearsal

Twelfth Night clowning around

Photo still from Smile for Life video

Still from Smile For Life

"Eliza is an immensely talented, versatile actress with a rich emotional life. As important, though, she’s a complete joy to direct and a wonderful company member."

— John Gulley, Associate Professor / Acting & Directing, UNCG